DHEU- A New Wave in Western Fashion

Introducing ‘DHEU’, a new western fashion sub-brand of SaRa Lifestyle Ltd, one of the most popular fashion brands in Bangladesh. SaRa Lifestyle Ltd. was founded on May 2018 and operates through outlets and e-commerce. This company is a subsidiary of the Snowtex Group, which is the largest apparel export-oriented readymade garments industry in Bangladesh.

On January 22, 2023, DHEU commenced its journey by organizing a grand fashion show at the Radisson Blu. The entirety of the event was orchestrated and carried out by distinguished models and choreographed by Azra Mahmood, one of the prominent figures in Bangladesh.


The Back-Story :

Saraf Saiyara, the Owner and Founder of DHEU, along with our diverse team conducted a thorough analysis of the fashion landscape in Bangladesh. In response to the rising demand for western fashion amongst the younger generation, we have established our new sub-brand to meet the changing preferences of this particular demographic.

The name DHEU is a Bangla word that means “wave” in English. The reason we chose this name is because it represents us perfectly. We are bold, energetic, and always connected with the other side of the world, just like tidal waves.

What We Offer :

DHEU offers a diverse collection of western clothing options. Our products are designed by keeping up with the latest fashion trends, as well as using high-quality materials that are both comfortable and durable. We take pride in our Bangladeshi heritage and work with our own garments manufacturer to ensure that our garments are ethically produced and meet our high-quality standards.

Furthermore, we offer our clothes at a reasonable price point. We understand that staying on-trend with the latest western fashion can be expensive. Hence, we created DHEU, ensuring everyone can afford stylish Western-inspired garments.


Availability :

All SaRa outlets and our E-commerce website have been rearranged to incorporate our new sub-brand. Customers can find all of our DHEU products at any outlets throughout Bangladesh, as well as on our official SaRa Lifestyle website at all times.

Future :

We take pride in our commitment to bringing variations in our style, designs, and fabrics to the Bangladeshi market. Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that our customers get the best quality products at reasonable prices. We have plans to make our products widely available and expand our retail network in the near future. Embrace your individuality with our western fashion collection.


DHEU- A New Frontier in Western Fashion